Our Mission

Everything we do revolves around the belief that personal interactions make people feel valued. Our products bridge the gap between customer data and customer experience.

Our Values

Begin and End with our Clients in Mind

We do the work required to deeply understand our customers. We invent solutions that exceed expectations. We serve them like they serve their guests.

Think Critically and Courageously

We understand all sides of an issue. We parse complexity to find the details that matter. We propose specific solutions to spur conversation and thought. We run toward fear.

Plan Clearly

We build plans that can't fail and go well beyond the target. We are clear about accountability, responsibility, and deadlines. Our plans work backward step-wise from a clear, strategic vision and mitigate risk.


We are direct, honest, clear, and empathetic with our communication. We listen to and seek to understand differing views. The sender isn't done until the receiver receives.

Get it Done

We find a way. We know there is no substitute for hard work. We evaluate ourselves and others by actions. We hit the deadline.

Own the Outcome

We always do the very best that we're able. We create the environment needed to succeed.

Evolve and Improve

We acknowledge and change assumptions that no longer serve us. We raise the bar with each cycle through a process, with each promotion, and with each hire. We sift for gold in every feedback opportunity.

Earn Trust

We are dependable, every time. We act in the interest of the greater good. We are clear about what we can and cannot deliver.

Approach Every Day Positive and Confident

We know we're on this planet for a short time. We do the work required to approach every day positively and secure in ourselves. We laugh and have fun.
Our Team

We are curious. We are humble. We are Wise(ly).

We're a team of future startup founders and execs hellbent on thriving, not just surviving, throughout each work day. We laugh, we have fun and we know when it’s time to buckle-down and get it done.

Who are we? Our founders broke performance records at Accenture. Our product team and engineers cut their teeth at brands you’ve likely heard of—Adobe, Apple, Duo Security, Groupon, Lululemon, Microsoft, Square, Uber Eats, and many more.

Our Client Experience team members were transformational leaders at HotSchedules and Lyft. Our Sales & Marketing teams leveled up at American Express, Restaurant365, Toast, and Zenefits. We even drafted a Data Scientist from Dominos. Together, we have lived lifetimes in restaurants.
Meet the Leadership Team
Mike Vichich
CEO, Cofounder
Tyler Felous
CPO, Cofounder
Josh Stern
CTO, Cofounder
Rachel Boyschau
VP of Marketing
David Nietzke
VP of Finance
Ray Gallagher
VP of Client Experience
Ushashi Chakraborty
VP of Engineering
Ryan VanElslander
VP of Sales
Elyssa Welling
VP of People