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Anthony Mejia
VP of IT
Built for Growth: How Lazy Dog stays nimble as it scales
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Lazy Dog was created by third generation restaurateur Chris Simms in 2003. Inspired by time spent in small towns in the Rocky Mountains, Lazy Dog is a comfortable family friendly restaurant with 27 locations and counting.
Huntington Beach, CA
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Full Service
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As Lazy Dog grew to over 20 locations, they realized they were outgrowing their technology across a few different aspects of their business, and were frustrated by the lack of innovation and support from their vendors. Lazy Dog’s VP of IT, Anthony Mejia said, “We were running into a lot of issues with our old hardware based technology systems. Their lack of communication and support to make the updates we needed wasn’t allowing us to move our business forward, so our team started looking for new vendors. We were looking for a real technology partner - a team that would listen to us and help our business grow.”


“Wisely blew us away by being able to combine three of our previous vendors into one solution for seating, analytics, and guest feedback. All at once it allowed us to save money, reduce time spent managing vendor relationships, and most importantly from a tech perspective, gives us peace of mind on the support side."


Used guest database to conduct 10k person focus group that drove a complete menu redesign

Automated table status updates via direct POS integration, allowing host labor to be reallocated to guest interaction

Made fine-tuned operational changes, including whether and when to use texting over pagers for table-ready notifications

"Wisely allows us to refocus time on our people and operations where they need it most. Rather than worrying about old software and being frustrated by what we can’t do, we spend time dreaming up improvements and partnering with Wisely to make them happen."
Anthony Mejia
VP of IT

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