Covid-19 Features

Disruption Leads to Reinvention

As restaurants reimagine every aspect of guest experience, Wisely's adapted our solutions to meet the new demands of operators and customers alike.
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Order Management

Streamline Communication with Guests Who Order Online
Direct Integration with
Seamlessly monitor the online order cue while also managing your dine-in operations—all from the Wisely Host App
Orders flow automatically into the “Orders” tab; Wisely adds CRM info to each order, allowing staff to personalize guest experience
Communicate about the status of orders via two-way SMS & coordinate hand-off with ease
Remote Waitlist
A Digital Front Door on Every Channel
Reduce friction with an accessible way to 'Join the Waitlist' on every platform
Direct integration with Google is proven to boost discovery
Wisely's SmartQuote algorithm provides powerful wait time accuracy
Automated Campaigns
Every Guest Action is an Opportunity to Engage
Do more with less manual marketing effort
Event-based and date-based triggers offer unlimited campaign potential
Automatically act on new sources of data to keep guests coming back (e.g. Olo order trends)
Send Campaign
Special delivery from Athena Grill
Top 1%
Top 1%
Last Online Order
Lifetime Frequency
Controls for Capacity & Contact Tracing
Flexible Floorplans & Easy Contact Collection
Scale up/down, rebuild configurations, create new rooms (e.g. parking lot)—all within Wisely's Floorplan Builder
Collect names/phone numbers of all guests for contact tracing—simply share a QR code with guests that links to a Wisely-powered form hosted on your website

Strategic Insights

Track Real-Time Results & Leading Indicators of Growth


Monitor Traffic by Channel by Source


Track Guest Satisfaction, Feedback and Trends


Manage Waitlist Intel to Drive Down Abandonment


Leverage Tools for Seating Optimization
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