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Leveraging Restaurant Technologies to Transform Guest Experience

Aug 5, 2020
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On August 19th, 2:15pm EST, we get candid about COVID-19:
Wisely's CEO, Mike Vichich, will lead a rapid fire Q&A about how restaurant brands can return to growth
bartaco's Scott Lawton and First Watch's Matt Eisenacher will share hard-earned insights and strategies
The future of guest experience and the restaurant technologies both brands use to deliver personalized hospitality

ive months in to juggling lockdowns and scenario planning, restaurant brands have learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. These insights are rife with “Never Have I Ever”s—surprising lessons, successful initiatives, and new customer trends that would have been unimaginable in a pre-pandemic world.

How bartaco and First Watch are Leveraging Restaurant Technologies

“This has been an incredible time for ingenuity and creativity,” Scott Lawton, CEO and Co-Founder of bartaco, says. “COVID-19 has put our customers in a strange universe where they’re willing to try new things to have a little fun, so we get to throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks."

Matt Eisenacher, SVP of Brand Strategy and Innovation at First Watch, echoes this. “Customers have accepted tech solutions they normally would’ve been resistant to. The kinds of changes we’ve just made in weeks, would’ve taken 12 months pre-COVID-19 as we worked through questions and apprehensions. Now, people are willing to jump in to change."

This adaptability—informed by guest insights and seasoned operator's intuitions—has proven crucial for both brands to return to growth in the midst of COVID-19.

Eisenacher says “Right now, it's all about reducing friction and creating an occasion at home...We're leaning in to how off-premise can actually be a positive brand experience."

Lawton adds, “We're learning how to throttle new profit centers, how to manage our floor with a much lower labor model, and we've found that we can be profitable in this digital world."

On August 19th at 2:15pm EST Mike Vichich, CEO and Cofounder of Wisely, in partnership with NRN's Restaurants Rise, will lead bartaco and First Watch in a rapid-fire Q&A about how they’re returning to growth through means they never thought possible. 

In the webinar, Scott Lawton and Matt Eisenacher will share:

  • How bartaco pivoted it’s lifestyle brand to primarily off-premise
  • Learnings from First Watch after rolling out multiple major tech platforms in a matter of weeks
  • What the future guest experience looks like for both brands—and the tools they use to deliver personalized hospitality

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