How Guests Find and Choose Restaurants (post-COVID) has Drastically Changed

August 18, 2020
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COVID-19 Resources
In this eBook Wisely discusses:
What factors are impacting restaurant discovery
Tech pitfalls restaurant brands can’t ignore
How to avoid those pitfalls to come out of COVID-19 stronger

In the wake of COVID-19, customer purchasing behavior and business patterns shifted overnight. Restaurants have demonstrated incredible agility and ingenuity as the industry continues to grapple with the impact of the pandemic. Some have completely transformed their service model, some have fast-tracked new tools and systems to meet customer needs.

This industry wide evolution begs the question—how are guests finding and choosing restaurants and what does that mean for restaurants themselves?

Conventional wisdom has said that dedicated discovery networks (like OpenTable or Yelp) are essential to driving brand discovery. But does this convention still hold true in a post-COVID world? 

In a new eBook, The Changing Restaurant Discovery Landscape Post-COVID-19, Wisely’s industry-wide analysis examines how restaurants should pivot to connect with customers where they are in a new, post-pandemic, discovery landscape.

Analysis includes: 

  • How accelerated digital demand drives discovery online
  • How search and social power shifts discovery to direct and organic channels
  • How the rise of off-premise sales boosts discovery via online orders

Read now for these insights, industry research, strategy building tips and tricks, and more.

Photo Credit: Miikka Luotio

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