Meet the Senior Engineer Hell-Bent on Reinventing Restaurants

Sep 3, 2021
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Brandon Max
Senior Software Engineer
With Wisely since September 2, 2019
Works on: Host, Marketing Automation, Guest Sentiment, CDP

randon Max, affectionately known as BMax, is a Senior Software Engineer and key member of the Engineering team at Wisely. After a career at Adobe, Brandon joined Wisely in 2019 and has been making us laugh, pushing our product forward, and inspiring the team every day since. Brandon has touched nearly every piece of our product suite, and was instrumental in developing Wisely’s Segments functionality.

As Brandon hits his two-year anniversary, we caught up with him to hear about how he came to the team and how he is driven by reinventing the restaurant industry.

Tell us your origin story. How did you come to Wisely?

To be honest, leaving Adobe was scary. I worked really hard to land that job, my first job at a huge tech company that paid very well. I learned a lot, but after a while at a larger organization you can start to plateau.

I knew I wanted something smaller, more entrepreneurial. I wanted more autonomy and to gain some knowledge on how to actually run a business. Enter Wisely. At the time, the company was made up of 15 people with six engineers. One of the first things I was tasked with was to create a searchable and aggregatable function for our many millions of rows of guest data.

This project was given to me in my first week and I just remember thinking wow, this is a company-changing project and they’re putting it on me. It needs to be performant, fast, scalable, and extendable to other features. It wouldn’t work to build something that’s very specific to what the company needed at that moment. I had to think farther into the future. That’s how we came up with Segments, where you can segment your guest data based on 52 different parameters and behaviors specific to restaurants. We ended up creating this experience using the ELK stack.

Week one and I was already getting what I asked for: autonomy, entrepreneurship, and interesting problems to work through. 

Of all the features and products you’ve worked on, which are you most proud of?

Marketing Automation was so fun to work on. It is basically a state machine. When we first built it, we didn’t know what the usage was going to be and it quickly became one of our most in-demand features.

Working on Marketing Automation taught me how hard and fulfilling it is to build the ship while it’s in sail. Starting from zero and building something that’s scalable and having to make a product increasingly better as the user base grows is an incredible thing.

What excites you about building technology for the restaurant industry?

As a kid I always walked into restaurants and wondered if I could hack a beeper/pager just to skip the waitlist. I believe when any good engineer walks into any place, they look around and think of how technology could make that place better. Imagine a future where you walk into a restaurant and you’re greeted and seated immediately with the meal that you love, and that extra side of hot sauce you always ask for.

That’s the thrill of this product space—there is so much opportunity for technology to actually change how restaurants interact with the world. Being a part of reinventing the restaurant industry, and seeing how the customer experience in restaurants is changing daily is exciting to me as an engineer, and as a frequent restaurant customer.

Where do you see the next two years going?

I truly believe you can look at any company and no matter how good the product or idea is, if you don’t have the right people, it will go nowhere.

When I first joined, you could feel the energy in the air. Everyone from the engineering team to the CX team pushed each other to be their best selves. Now, two years in and tripling in revenue every year, we’ve continued to add the most supportive, smart, amazing people who are willing to do whatever it takes as a team. That’s how you know the company is going to do well. Wisely has the right people.

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