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Wisely Joining Olo to Enable Restaurant Brands to Deepen Guest Relationships, Unify Data to Unlock CLV, Streamline Tech

Nov 9, 2021
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lo recently announced the acquisition of Wisely. The unlock for restaurants? Ultimately empowering brands to derive actionable insights from their data in order to better understand their guests. 

- Digital Transformation: Wisely and Olo’s complementary solutions streamline restaurants’ digital transformation efforts, which will improve a brand’s overall service, deepen relationships with its guests, and enhance its top and bottom-line performance

- Unified Customer Data: Wisely accelerates Olo’s data ambitions and will allow brands to create a unified guest profile from disparate data sources, providing guests a better, more personalized ordering experience which will help restaurants win the competitive battle for digital dollars

- Customer Lifetime Value: Actionable insights from data provide a critical understanding, ultimately driving customer lifetime value with more efficient acquisition, retention, frequency, and spend initiatives

- The Optimal Tech Stack for the Changing Restaurant World: Wisely expands Olo’s platform capabilities and gives each unique restaurant brand the power to curate their optimal technology stack from its expanded portfolio of solutions—in conjunction with solutions from its open ecosystem of hundreds of partners

“Since partnering with Wisely, we have seen clear synergies between the two platforms and alignment between our business models of putting customers first. We both succeed when our restaurant brands succeed, and there are clear areas of opportunity to provide intelligent products to better serve our customers,” said Noah Glass, Founder and CEO of Olo. “Wisely’s customer engagement platform, operations intelligence, and data capabilities complement Olo’s on-demand commerce platform and will together create a differentiated and wide breadth of product offerings that will accelerate our restaurant brands’ digital transformation.”

"With our platform, restaurant brands are better able to personalize the guest experience — in the dining room, online, and through digital means — to ultimately improve customer lifetime value. By joining with Olo, restaurant brands will have the ability to unify their transactions and their customers into a single, easy-to-use system," said Mike Vichich, VP & GM of Customer Engagement products at Olo.

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