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Learn 65 Tools, Tips, and Tactics Restaurants Use to Personalize Guest Experience and Grow Profit
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One Guest, All Day | eBook

One Guest, All Day

65 Tools, Tips, and Tactics Restaurants Use to Personalize
Guest Experience and Grow Profit

By Mike Vichich, Cofounder and CEO of Wisely
Foreword By Chris Comparato, CEO of Toast
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Restaurant execs have a finite number of ways to grow profit, and all revolve around the guest. This ebook explores each metric, giving strategic and tactical recommendations that will make guests and shareholders smile.

What's Inside?

Insight beats data. Action beats insight. Learn how integrating operations and marketing will unlock hidden potential in:

- Guest Acquisition
- Visit Frequency
- Spend per Visit
- Dining Room Efficiency
- Site Selection

Wisely's Ethos

May I bring you an Arnold Palmer?

Throughout high school and college, I was a server at a country club restaurant near where I grew up in Michigan. On each of my first two days, a WWII Army vet—Bill—sat in my section drinking Arnold Palmers. I’ll never forget the third day. As I was walking back to the server station, Bill and I crossed paths in the dining room. Off the cuff, I said, “Hey Bill, great to see you again. May I bring you an Arnold Palmer?” He was shocked that a seventeen year old cared enough to remember him and his drink of choice. From that day forward, Bill always sat in my section, tipped me well above the norm, and told my managers how much he loved me.

Hospitality means that guests feel important and valued—it’s about much more than food. They want to be understood and to understand, similar to how two lifelong friends “get” each other. Hospitality is an inherently human relationship, reliant upon a shared history and values.

Therein lies the irony. Restaurants are constantly hiring and training new people. Therefore, in an effort to produce more a consistent guest experience, organizations often standardize processes and build technology that does likewise. After a short while, important tasks become perfunctory for the FOH and BOH alike, and it doesn’t take long until guests feel it. Rather than a friend-to-friend relationship, it starts to feel like a transactional one.

Doesn’t that speak volumes then about what technology should and should not do?

Shouldn’t technology free up and focus people’s attention on what really matters—on what’s uniquely human? At the most basic level, low value work should be automated. Second, tech should seamlessly integrate information from operations and from marketing, so that people at all levels in both departments have full context for their decisions. Third, in real-time and with no additional effort, tech should assist store-level staff in remembering each guest’s prior interactions and preferences—enabling Arnold Palmer moments at scale.

Restaurants don’t deliver a great guest experience just because they want to; they do it because they create the conditions under which their people can. This eBook explores structural improvements that can be made to enhance guest experience, drive profit, and importantly make sure guests remember your brand.

I hope you find it helpful,