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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

The CDP Purpose-Built for Restaurants

Wisely is a CDP purpose-built for restaurants. Collect customer data from dozens of sources to create a single view of the guest—and pipe that data to all the end-platforms that power your business decisions and growth.
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Tailor-made for Restaurants

Getting restaurant systems to talk is a complex problem to solve. With Wisely, our restaurant tech experts are unlocking new ways to connect data across restaurant-specific systems every day.

Eliminate Data Silos

Restaurant brands must own and control all of their customer data to build a 1:1 relationship with guests. Fragmented tech has made this impossible, until today. Wisely's CDP is a centralized hub for all your customer data.
100% of customers
You own the data
All channels, restaurants
No vendor lock-in

Insights Accessible to Everyone

As guests interact with your brand across channels, Wisely's CDP syncs data points from those sources to a unified guest profile. Each customer record is automatically pushed to the destinations used by every department.
Culinary — Top 5% of customers most ordered items
Operations — Guest frequency & retention
Marketing — Lifetime return on ad spend
Finance — Customer economics

More Ways Than Ever Before to Take Action

Unlock the ability to leverage customer intelligence across your entire business. And never feel tied to a provider simply because they hold the keys to your data.
Data flows to the host stand, in real-time, so every team member can tailor each guest experience accordingly.
Gone are the days of batch & blast. With data piped to every media channel and marketing platform—tailor campaigns to personal preferences, automatically.
Make better decisions about where to invest or cut costs — from real estate to menu to staffing and more.