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Customer Intelligence Summit

Personalized Communication Made Even Easier: Right Message, Ideal Time, Preferred Channel

Leverage your customer data to grow your business with an easy-to-use email builder, all-new segmentation options, and the ability to engage guests after they complete a survey.
All-New Email Builder
Set up Automated Emails in Minutes
Preview our new Email Builder
Supercharged Segmentation
New Smart Properties: Predicted CLV, Churn, etc.
Learn more about Smart Properties
Expanded Library of Webhooks
Take Action After a Guest Submits a Survey
Watch for Webhooks use cases

New, Flexible Features to Help Deliver an Exceptional Guest Experience

Customize some of the key aspects of delivering a great guest experience—from reservation perks and booking policies to new notes and reminder tools for staff.
Add a Gift

Allow Others to Share a Gift with Guests During their Dining Experience

For Upcoming Reservations: Offer a quick and easy way for guests to be treated to a gift from friends or family (e.g. bottle of wine) during their dining experience

See how the Gift feature works
Flexible Booking Policies

Cancellation Policies by Reservation Type, Flexibility to Waive Fees

Custom Configuration: Curb no-shows and last-minute cancellations by configuring select reservations as subject to cancellation fees per person or party

Check out new Cancellation options
Shift Notes

Streamline Communication between Team Members

Day-to-Day Details: Never wonder if the nuances of each shift are going to be passed along to hosts or managers—Shift Notes ensure details pop-up at just the right moment

Learn how Shift Notes supports Ops