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New releases, improvements, and updates to Wisely
Note: updates are consolidated into monthly posts below
December 2, 2021
December 2, 2021

Smart Properties

All-new Smart Properties available within Segments are powered by our data science and machine learning. These 10+ supercharged segmentation options put the power of Customer Lifetime Value data and predictive analytics in your hands.

Email Builder

Set up templates for automated emails with ease using our all-new email builder. Within the Dashboard, under templates, you’ll now find the option to build both automated SMS and Email templates. Use the drag-and-drop modules to create your template, or begin using our starter template which guides you through the optimal placement of copy and images.

Expanded Library of Webhooks

If you’re not already familiar, a webhook is simply an event that passes data to a destination. With this release, we’ve expanded our library of webhooks to include the option to take action after a guest completes a Wisely-powered survey.

Add a Gift to Reservations

The all-new Add a Gift feature is an easy way to coordinate something special for guests during their dining experience, like a surprise bottle of wine or dessert paid for ahead of time by a family member or friend.

Shift Notes

Shift Notes is a new feature that helps streamline communication between team members before, during, and after each service. Digital notes and reminders you create/schedule will pop-up at just the right time in the Host app.

Flexible Booking Policies

Empty tables held for reservations that may or may not show put even the best service plans at risk. That’s why we’ve created all-new flexible booking policies for reservations, including the option to charge a fee for no-shows or last-minute cancellations.

December 1, 2021
December 1, 2021

Customer Intelligence Summit — Wisely’s Fall 2021 Release Event

Watch videos of our latest features from the Customer Intelligence Summit. Click below to access.

August 31, 2021
August 31, 2021

Introducing: List Assist

Wisley’s completely revolutionized waitlist management. List Assist is an all-new virtual helping hand for hosts. After the first table ready notification is sent to a guest, this feature triggers a sequence of fully customizable reminder texts, optionally ending the sequence by marking the party as a no-show. Not only does it keep your waitlist clean, but will also improve the overall accuracy of your wait quotes by reducing list bloat from no-shows.

List Assist

Smart Tags

Segments created in Wisely can now be set up as Smart Tags which appear within the Wisely Host App — with options to highlight guests’ names with custom colors or provide priority seating. Smart Tags provide visual cues for your team members so special guests (or those simply needing special attention) are instantly recognized when they walk through the front door. Smart Tags also appear in the Wisely Guest Sentiment feed.

Guest Sentiment Embedded Profile

Having data is great; being able to act on it is better. With Wisely’s Embedded Profile, we bring you more context on the feedback you receive from your guests where you need it most: directly next to the survey response itself. Now you can access information such as how many times the guest has visited, how long of a wait they were quoted vs how long they actually waited, and more.

Feedback Automations

Utilize the power of targeting within Automations to solicit the most relevant feedback from your guests. Trigger feedback surveys on specific items ordered, target your best customers using Wisely’s CRM filters, or capture valuable insights from your churn-risks. Send the right survey to the right guests at the right time with Wisely’s Feedback Automations.

CRM Importer with Custom Field Support

Whether Wisely is your first CRM or you’re moving from another system, importing data helps you create guest records and keep them up-to-date with details that are important to your brand. Simply upload a file, map your data or create new fields, and import. It’s that simple. And, with support for custom fields, you’re no longer restricted to Wisely’s reserved data fields.

Improved Dashboard Reservation Creation Flow

With a brand-new user interface and enhanced features, creating reservations from the Wisely Dashboard has never been easier:

  • Ability for reservation taker to overbook a particular time
  • Quickly search availability at nearby locations within your brand
  • Easily modify an existing reservation

Quick Hits

We’ve made some big improvements to Cover Flow to make it even more powerful, based on feedback from Wisely’s users:

  • Support for guest notes and tags on the ‘Create Party’ popout
  • Optional manager passcode for the ‘add inventory’ feature
  • Travel back in time to see your historical Cover Flow to better prepare for weekends and holidays

New ‘track’ event for Segment entry/exit in the Wisely CDP

Segment membership is dynamic - guests fall into or out of Segment as they meet (or fail to meet) your Segment criteria. By adding a track event to Segment membership, our CDP adds more power to Wisely’s core products and integrations.

New integrations

We’re happy to announce new integrations with Toast (table statuses), Brink, Fiserv, TSYS, Paytronix CRM, ChowNow, and GoTab.

August 26, 2021
Aug 26, 2021

Customer Intelligence Summit — Wisely’s Summer 2021 Release Event

Watch the reveal of Wisely’s latest product features and hear from Wisely’s community of restaurant operators and tech partners. Click below to access on demand.

July 6, 2021
July 6, 2021

Javascript Snippet to load Waitlist & Reservation Modal

We want to enable our clients with the ability to offer guests the most seamless online booking experience via their website without requiring complex web development or coding knowledge. We’ve built an out-of-the-box javascript snippet that any brand can use to load a modal on their site.

June 15, 2021
June 15, 2021

Wisely Dashboard Redesign

We gave the Wisely dashboard a fresh coat of paint and rethought some UX elements in order to give our users the most modern, streamlined web app experience possible. This new design system lays the foundation for further enhancements to the web dashboard experience.

Wisely Dashboard
May 25, 2021
May 25, 2021

The First-Ever Customer Data Platform (CDP) for Restaurants is Here

Restaurant brands must own and control all of their customer data to build a 1:1 relationship with guests. Fragmented tech—from POS systems to loyalty providers—has made this impossible, until today.

Wisely’s all-new CDP enables restaurant brands to integrate historically siloed guest data—and extend that data into every part of the business.

We invite you to explore more about Wisely’s CDP here on our website.

Wisely CDP

Marketing Automation: Canvas Updates, If/Then Logic, CRM Filters

Canvas Updates

Whether you’re creating an Automation from scratch or starting with a Recommended Automation, you’ll notice some updates and overall enhanced usability.

  • Canvas Cards = Clarity: triggers, delays, actions, filters, etc. are all now clearly displayed as you build and edit your Automation directly within the canvas itself
  • Pre-Entry Filters: conditions a guest is filtered by before they will (or will not) receive an automated email
  • Built-In Tips: some tooltips have been added as pop-ups within the Automation-building experience

Canvas updates

If/Then Logic

If you’re ready to launch even more sophisticated Automations, if/then logic trees (aka branching logic) are a vital tool.

Within the ‘Add Action’ step of building an Automation, there’s now the option to apply a yes/no step to your Automation tied to either event filters or CRM filters.

If/Then logic

CRM Filters

You’re likely already aware that when building a Segment in Wisely, there are 50+ combinable filters you can use. Now, those filters are also accessible as you build Automations!

CRM filters

Segments Usability Updates

Speaking of Segments, we’ve added some enhancements to make creating Segments even easier.

  • Segment Search: You now have the ability to Search the 50+ combinable filters
  • Segment Definitions: We’ve updated how you can view the criteria used to create a Segment (viewable in your list of Segments as well as when you click to view the Segment drilldown)
  • Quick Access to View/Edit/Delete: While in the list view of your various Segments, you can quickly access a dropdown menu to view/export/delete the Segment itself

Segments Usability Updates

Mass SMS

Building loyalty happens when you reach your guests on the right channel, at just the right time—with messaging that feels like it came from a friend. That’s why we’re seeing growing usage of Wisely’s Automated SMS (which launched in Fall 2020) and why we’ve unlocked the ability to share SMS campaigns with guests en masse as well.

Here’s how to get started sending timely Mass SMS messages that will drive sales:

  • Build a segment within Wisely for your mass SMS campaign
  • Navigate to Marketing > Campaigns > Create New SMS Campaign
  • Select an existing SMS template (e.g. from another Automation effort) or build a new one
  • Schedule the campaign to send immediately or later

Mass SMS

We’ve also added the ability to assign an opt-in keyword to a home location to provide better targeting with the right message to the right guests.

Select a Home Location

Opt-in Functionality Added to Wisely Surveys

With the rising importance of collecting (and owning) all your first-party data — winning brands are providing guests the option to opt-in to brand communication at every interaction point in their customer journey.

With Wisely, you can now add an email or SMS marketing opt-in checkbox on Wisely-powered feedback forms.

Opt-in Functionality Added to Wisely Surveys

Wisely Host Enhancements: Dynamic Bucketing & Host vs Order Messaging

Dynamic Bucketing

A huge part of providing an accurate wait quote to a guest is managing guest expectations. That’s why we’ve introduced Dynamic Bucketing to improve the guest experience.

For example, if the algorithm generated a 29 minute quote, historically the Host app would provide a quote range of 20-30 minutes - while technically accurate, the guest begins anticipating their table around the 20 minute mark.

With Dynamic Bucketing, the Host app will provide a quote range bracketed around the wait quote: a 29 minute quote now becomes a range of 25-35 minutes.

Host vs Order Messaging

Increasingly, Wisely’s clients are using the Host app to manage both the on-premise guest flow as well as off-premise order management. While having all guest communication flow into a single tab of the app improves efficiency, we increasingly heard that having a visual indication of the message type ensures every message is being read by the right person.

Host vs Order Messaging
May 20, 2021
May 20, 2021

Future With Data (FWD) — Wisely's Spring 2021 Release Event

Wisely release event exploring the fundamental shift happening in the restaurant industry—winning brands saying goodbye to transactions and hello to customers. The path forward is building a future with data. Click below to watch on demand.

April 6, 2021
April 6, 2021

Hide Wait Quote Option

By default, Wisely’s remote waitlist forms give an estimate of the expected wait directly in the booking widget. Typically, providing guests with an estimate of how long they can expect to wait when joining a waitlist remotely is a good idea - it helps set expectations and prevents any surprises when they arrive. But for certain concepts or scenarios, that’s not always the case.

We’ve been getting more requests from clients that they’d like to option to hide the wait quote estimate from Wisely waitlist forms. With this update, it’s as simple as flipping a toggle in the Waitlist form settings.


Drop down search and keyboard-only navigation

We added a significantUI/UX enhancement to the Wisely web dashboard - there are now search fields in every drop down across the dashboard (this is particularly helpful in our Segments tool, which has 50+ available criteria), and all dropdowns can be navigated with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

March 9, 2021
March 9, 2021

Order Arrival Webooks

Wisely strives to empower its users to leverage our existing tech to drive any custom solution they can dream of.

Our most recent endeavor is enabling custom actions powered by our ‘Guest Arrival’ webhook for off-prem orders - by simply providing us with your desired endpoint, you can now trigger any custom event based on that webhook firing (guest texts ‘here’ or is manually marked as arrived via the Orders tab in the iPad).

Some use cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Printing a chit
  • Sending an alert to your KDS
  • Playing a sound or turning on a light (or any IoT device)

Dynamic Expiration Substitution Tags

Offers are more effective when there is a deadline attached - a limited time to redeem an offer drives a sense of urgency which compels the guest toward the desired action (redemption).

Wisely’s Automations system allows for the distribution of offers based on certain trigger events, meaning offer emails and SMS are distributed on a rolling, ongoing basis. Expiration dates for those offers should be dynamically populated in relation to the send date.

Wisely now offers a dynamic expiration date substitution tag within our Automations system.

Simply insert the tag with the desired parameters (e.g. ‘2 weeks from send date’) in the email template and the expiration will dynamically populate when the email is sent to the guest.

Email template
February 25, 2021
February 25, 2021

Sequel — Wisely's Winter 2021 Release Event

Wisely release event featuring conversations with the industry's leading brands about how they're delivering a great guest experience (on & off prem) and growing profits (powered by our newest product features). Click below to watch on demand.

February 17, 2021
Winter 2021: Feb 17, 2021

Call In Order Management

Call in orders make up as much as 30% of off-prem order volume for some restaurants. Typically, phone orders are entered into the POS with no way to engage with guests about their order, limited insights about that customer saved/matched to their CRM profile, and no seamless way to follow-up about their experience.

Wisely developed the all-new Call In Order Management feature, hand-in-hand with some of our restaurant partners, that juggle a high volume of call in orders.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter take-out orders you receive via phone into your POS
  • Capture the guest’s cell phone number with their order
  • Order details are sent to the kitchen, as usual, and also automatically trigger Wisely’s two-way text functionality and a record for the guest is created in the Wisely CRM
  • Within the “Orders” tab, view the text alerts triggered when the order was placed
  • Tap “Notify” to inform the guest once their order is ready
  • It’s also possible to setup a triggered survey to deploy to the guest to solicit feedback about their experience

Grid View

Grid View

Maximizing every minute and every table of every shift is not unlike a game of tetris. Enter Wisely’s Grid View — a new way to visualize and manage your parties and table assignments to ensure everything fits just right.

With Grid View, planning and optimizing how you seat your restaurant, table-by-table, hour-by-hour, is now easier than ever.

Here’s how it works:

  • An easy-to-navigate birds-eye view of assigned parties and already seated parties, organized by time and table
  • Quick table re-assign via drag-and-drop
  • Seat guests in two taps directly from Grid View
  • Meal stages can be updated manually or automatically with POS integration

Recommended Automations

Recommended Automations

Get set up with new automated campaigns, triggered by guest behaviors, faster than ever before. Wisely’s Recommended Automations offer restaurants best practices from Wisely’s marketing experts and insight into what’s working to drive results across the industry

Here’s what you'll find:

  • Pre-built automations designed to meet specific goals
  • Just select the Recommended Automation
  • Add the creative for the campaign (meaning, link your Dynamic Template)
  • Test, Activate, and you’re LIVE!

Form Search: Waitlist & Reservations

Book a Reservation

Multi-unit operators shouldn’t need to build their own search experience. Wisely’s all-new Form Search functionality can be added to any form powered by Wisely, matches your brand, and is mobile responsive. Increase discovery, waitlist traffic, and bookings by improving the ability for guests to search for one of your restaurant locations by:

  • zip code, city, state
  • store name
  • nearby address, and more

This feature allows you to streamline waitlist and reservation flows for guests — they simply land on your form, search, and join the waitlist or book a reservation.

Custom Special Occasions / Special Requests

Guests regularly use the free form field “special requests” (or, guest notes) to make requests that aren’t always possible to execute at the store level (but often guests begin their experience with the expectation that the notes entered will be fulfilled). For example, "We'd like a patio table!"

To help minimize overall friction and maximize conversion of the web reservation funnel Wisely’s added the ability to customize a sub-selection of pre-set notes under two different header types:

  • Special Occasions (single select, optional free-from ‘other’ field)
  • JustSpecial Requests (multi-select)

New WiFi Integrations

WiFi Integration

In-store email collection is an essential part of email list growth and guest visit tracking for Wisely’s Marketing Automation users - which is why we’ve built new integrations with three additional WiFi hardware providers: Ubiquiti, Aerohive, and Aruba.

January 11, 2021
January 11, 2021

Bulk Open/Close Tables

At Wisely, one of our guiding UX principles is ‘get more done with fewer taps.’

In the Wisely Host app, you can now select multiple tables to include in a single action, such as opening or closing a section. This makes adjustments to your floorplan on the fly quick and easy.

Host Feedback: Easily share feedback with Wisely

Just like customer feedback is essential to the success of restaurant brands, Wisely believes in getting feedback from its clients and end-users to help us keep improving.

We’ve introduced a non-intrusive thumbs up/thumbs down survey directly within the Host app, which is served only during non-peak hours and can be quickly dismissed, if needed.

December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020

SMS Keyword opt-in

Drive SMS opt-ins via simple keywords. For example, instruct guests to “Text BBQ to 690-19.”

To get started, simply set your preferred list of opt-in keywords within Wisely and your guests can text the Wisely short code with any of those keywords to opt-in.

As a bonus, opting in directly to a keyword eliminates the need for a double opt-in, which removes friction and reduces funnel drop off

Order Management updates:

  • iPad push notifications for guest arrival
    • Triggered on the auto-text feature, e.g., guest texts “here”
    • Configure sounds, badges, etc. within the iPad notification settings
  • Orders sorting option (oldest to newest, newest to oldest)
  • Guest notification badge
    • Displays a red bell next to the guest's name when the guest has been notified that an order is ready
    • Also starts a clock showing minutes elapsed since notifying guest
  • Walk-up orders option
    • For manually created orders, this feature enables a new message in the web dash which can be configured with a unique walkup message
November 9, 2020
Host 2.1.5
Fall 2020: Nov 9, 2020

Cover Flow (Host 2.1.5)

Cover Flow

Seamlessly manage your reservation book and availability each shift directly within Wisely’s Host App. New controls and flexibility available within the Cover Flow view include:

  • View both reservation & waitlist parties: for a full picture of your guest traffic - in 15 min increments (with two hours in view at all times)
  • Manage your book on the go: add/edit/block slots right from your iPad. Avoid under/over booking, and always have an accurate view of how the restaurant was sat (e.g. reservation party arrived and sat early)
  • Book directly from the cover flow view (which also syncs with online availability), with details at-a-glance and guest name/phone entered in just a few taps (no manual entry of the reservation date/time, etc.)
  • Ditch printed reports of visit notes: flags next to each party indicate special requests/CRM details
  • Enable password protection so only managers can overbook blocked slots

Order Management: Ordered Items & Notes

We’ve added a 'Today's Order' tab in the Orders view

  • Item details: pulled in from the Online Ordering Provider to show all the items ordered, including mods
  • Order notes: specific notes or instructions for this particular order. Will not save past current order.
  • Guest notes: historical guest notes and tags from every past visit or order. Guest notes 'live' with a guest profile from order to order (or visit to visit)

SMS Opt-In Management

SMS Marketing is highly effective, but, managing the legality of opt-ins can be a big headache.

Wisely is introducing fully managed SMS opt-ins, as well as a full audit log of every opt-in/out event by source (reservation form, WiFi, email signup form, etc) and originating location.

SMS Opt-In language can now be included on any Wisely guest-facing properties (Waitlist/Reservation forms, guest Wifi, email club sign-up, and guest webview).

SMS Templates & Automations

SMS Templates & Automations

The ‘action’ step of Automations now include the option to send an SMS to opted-in guests. Any existing ‘trigger’ can be used to send an automated SMS, plus the addition of a new ‘Opted into SMS’ trigger - enabling the automated sending of a discount or other offer.

We’ve also released an SMS Template builder to create templates directly in Wisely’s Marketing Dashboard, including a character counter and the use of Emojis, for use in automated SMS campaigns.

Sparkfly Integration

It’s now easier than ever to include a unique offer in mass email campaigns as well as automated email and SMS messages through Wisely’s integration with Sparkfly.

The benefits of using Sparkfly x Wisely Include:

  • Unique offer codes provide an added layer of security for your business
  • Offers directly integrate with your POS—there’s no manual entry of a promo code by a server

Other improvements:

  • Automation Substitution tags
  • Multiple reservation types supported within Reserve with Google
October 1, 2020
October 12, 2020

Orders API

Expanding our platform of public APIs, we’re introducing a dedicated endpoint for all online order data. This ensures all activity from any ordering platform hits your CRM and can be used in Automations.

Updated Quoting model to account for abandoned parties

Our SmartQuote algorithm will now automatically calculate the likelihood of a party to abandon and update the quote based on this data, further refining the accuracy and reliability of our machine learning generated wait quotes.

‘Guest Updated’ trigger in Automations

You can now run campaigns encouraging existing guests to complete missing fields in their guest profile (e.g. birthdays) and automate a reward message from Automations using our ‘Updated profile’ trigger.

September 1, 2020
September, 2020

Order Management reply actions

Automatically mark guests as “arrived” triggered by a custom keyword. For example, ask the guest to text “here” when they’ve arrived, and the guest will be moved to the appropriate staging area in Wisely Order Management.

In addition, you can send an automated confirmation response back to the guest to ensure they know their text was received.

Added support for Guest Tags in CRM Import tool

You can now add custom guest tags to the CRM that will show up alongside a guest’s name in the Host app (e.g. ‘VIP’, ‘Beer Club Member’, ‘Manager Touch’)

August 9, 2020
Host 2.1.4
Summer 2020: Aug 9, 2020

Order Management (Host 2.1.4)

The Wisely Host App now allows you to manage the flow of both dine-in guests and online orderers.

Wisely’s new “Orders” tab helps your host/manager streamline communication with guests about their online order status and pick-up​.

How does it work?

  • Integrated List of Orders: When a guest submits an online order via an integrated Online Ordering Provider, it flows automatically to the Wisely Host App "Orders" tab (requires integration to be enabled & setup)
  • Two-way, Automated Texting: Guests receive a customizable "Order Created" text—confirming their order has been received and any specific pick-up/hand-off instructions
  • Notify Guests & Coordinate Hand-Off: Setup automated order ready alerts based on promise time, or simply tap "Notify" to send a custom text to the guest

Self-Serve Reservation/Waitlist Forms

Wisely’s new ‘Forms’ editor puts you in the driver’s seat to create and edit the Waitlist and Reservation booking forms your guests see/use—all within the Wisely Web Dashboard

How does it work?

  • Dashboard: Login to the Wisely Web Dashboard and navigate to Settings & Configuration under Host
  • Best Use Case in the wake of COVID-19: Customize guest communication and share updates (e.g. change to service model) immediately vs. routing requests through Wisely Support

Other improvements:

  • Google Tag Manager integration - integrate you own GTM container onto all Wisely guest-facing properties (reservation/waitlist forms, etc)
July 9, 2020
July 9, 2020

Host Messaging via Shortcode

Host messaging now transmits through Wisely’s dedicated shortcode. Wisely’s shortcode guarantees delivery to the guest phone via pre-approved carrier agreements. This avoids any carrier spam filtering.

Reservation Rolling Cut-off

Restaurants are now able to set fine-grained controls on how far in advance a guest must make a reservation before the book is cut off. This allows for more advance planning and avoids situations where guests attempt to jump the line by making a real-time reservation.

Other improvements:

  • Changed the default “Dirty” Table Status to “On Bus”
June 17, 2020
June 17, 2020

Automations Updates

Date-based Triggers

  • Easily automate communication with guests on key occasions, such as a Birthday or Anniversary
  • Added filters allow for the triggering of event-based Automations a specified number of days in advance, e.g. ‘Three days before the guest’s birthday’

Additional Filter on Event-based Triggers

  • The initial release of Automations supported event-based triggers like "Olo Order Closed"; this update allows for more targeted and personalized campaigns based on more granular details, for example: "Olo Order Closed with item "Guac" ordered"
  • Automations can now be filtered to only send to guests who’ve visited specific locations, rather than all locations within a concept

May 14, 2020
Host v2.1.3
Spring 2020: May 14, 2020


Send Email

  • Wisely's Automations feature allows you to send real-time, automated marketing campaigns to guests based on their behavior
  • Templates designed in the email editor sync automatically to the Automations dashboard
  • Create flows based on a trigger, add delays, and send emails automatically to guests who meet the trigger condition

Other improvements (Host v2.1.3):

  • Extended Manager Passcodes to Server Section configuration

April 20, 2020
Host v2.1.2
April 20, 2020

Introducing Manager Passcodes

Configure specific actions in the Host app to require manager approval via passcode. This feature is first being introduced for reservation overbooking.

Wisely Public APIs

Wisely is introducing it’s public API platform by making two APIs available for development today:

  • Waitlist
  • Reservations

View full documentation at docs.wisely.io and request access via your dedicated CSM.

Other improvements (Host v2.1.2):

  • Fixed previous day cover count calculation for Cover Flow
March 16, 2020
March 16, 2020

Ticketed Reservations/Deposits

  • Allows restaurants to collect payment or deposits for ticketed reservations or events
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing reservation forms, and allows restaurants to easily set fee amount, and whether to charge a flat fee or per head
  • Customizable by reservation type

Other improvements:

  • Segment drill-down report to see frequency, spend, and cohort retention
  • Added self-serve CSV Export to Segments tool
  • Added Olo order data to Segments
February 12, 2020
Host App v2.1.0
Winter 2020: February 12, 2020


New Segments Builder with more data sources available

  • The Audiences builder has been completely rebuilt to:
    • Allow for fast searching/segmenting across an infinite number of guests
    • Allow us to iteratively add in new data sources that can be used for future segmenting
  • Orders sorting option (oldest to newest, newest to oldest)
  • Users can now segment guests on new data points:
    • Lifetime Frequency (the average number of days between a guests' visits)
    • Tickets (items ordered, like Guacamole, wine drinkers, etc)

Reservation Availability - Scheduled Views

Restaurants now have full control of their reservation availability (the number of reservations and party sizes that they can accept).

Reservation Availability has multiple views to suit how restaurants manage bookings:

  • No Assignments: the number of reservations and party sizes that the restaurant can accept, per 15 min increment of the restaurants' open hours
  • Auto-Assignments: the number of reservations and party sizes that the restaurant can accept, per specific table numbers

Floorplan Builder

Restaurants can now view, edit, and publish their floorplan from Wisely's web dashboard into the Host app.

This includes:

  • Create unlimited Rooms within your restaurant
  • Drag-n-drop editor for tables
  • Table meta-data, including number, min/max capacity, and attributes (e.g., booth)
  • Creating/managing table combinations
  • Bulk assigning tables to sections

Host App v2.1.0

  • Section-Based Quoting
    • Sections can now have their own custom quoting algorithm where the wait at each section of the restaurant can be quoted differently
  • Suggested Seating
    • Wisely can now suggest the best sections (and even tables) to seat walk-in parties at, removing the Host from having to decide.
  • Server Section Transitions
    • Configure which sections are assigned to which servers, based on the number of servers working.
    • When a server is "cut", the Host app automatically transitions to the section plan with one less server, without having to reassign tables or reassign servers
  • Cover Counts by Shift
  • Guest Notes