Table Management Made Easy

Wisely’s system is mission control for your front-of-house, enabling you to thoughtfully greet, seat and serve guests with no time wasted.
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Streamline Seating

The Smartest Host in the Industry

Wisely leverages data inputs to intelligently map the dining room as service unfolds. Optimized operations with Wisely drive down abandonment by 6-8% and encourage guests to keep coming back.
Seat & Turn Tables Fast
Wisely's best-in-class SmartQuote algorithm drives down inaccurate quotes, plus gets guests seated faster with a text and automated, customizable phone call.
Scan Your Dining Room
Automated updates through POS integration keep your table statuses refreshed with information from all sources, all the time, without ever leaving the host stand.
Real-Time Configuration
Combine tables, reseat guests, update party sizes—whatever the shift brings, Wisely ensures you're ready.
Personalize Dining

Turn Transactions into Real Connections

Anticipate every need by automatically accessing data from customers' past visits, order history, guest profile details, and more —work with real-time intel to wow with your service.
Know Your Guests
Greet people by name and accommodate preferences from past visits as details auto-fill from the CRM.
Spot Loyalty Members
Integrate your loyalty program and Wisely highlights members on the 'here now' and 'arriving later' list.
Cue the Celebration
Custom and standard tags help alert hosts of birthdays, anniversaries, blah blah blah and more.
Optimize Operations

A Wiser Way to Work

Table management and turnovers done in flash with Wisely's speedy interface that is easy to train and use. That means less time messing with screens and more time delighting your guests.
Intuitive Interface
Wisely was built hand-in-hand with real people running busy restaurants to ensure you spend less time training hosts and get guests to their seats in the fewest taps, guaranteed.
Multi-iPad Sync
Two-Way Text with Guests
Offline Mode
Seamless Shifts
Manage shift changes and scale server sections up/down directly from Host App.
POS Integrations
Micros (3700, Simphony FE, Simphony 1 & 2)
POSitouch (5.36+, 636+, QuickMenu
Aloha (12.3+)
Dinnerware (3.3+)
Squirrel (8.x+)
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