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August 31, 2021

August 31, 2021
August 31, 2021

Introducing: List Assist

Wisley’s completely revolutionized waitlist management. List Assist is an all-new virtual helping hand for hosts. After the first table ready notification is sent to a guest, this feature triggers a sequence of fully customizable reminder texts, optionally ending the sequence by marking the party as a no-show. Not only does it keep your waitlist clean, but will also improve the overall accuracy of your wait quotes by reducing list bloat from no-shows.

List Assist

Smart Tags

Segments created in Wisely can now be set up as Smart Tags which appear within the Wisely Host App — with options to highlight guests’ names with custom colors or provide priority seating. Smart Tags provide visual cues for your team members so special guests (or those simply needing special attention) are instantly recognized when they walk through the front door. Smart Tags also appear in the Wisely Guest Sentiment feed.

Guest Sentiment Embedded Profile

Having data is great; being able to act on it is better. With Wisely’s Embedded Profile, we bring you more context on the feedback you receive from your guests where you need it most: directly next to the survey response itself. Now you can access information such as how many times the guest has visited, how long of a wait they were quoted vs how long they actually waited, and more.

Feedback Automations

Utilize the power of targeting within Automations to solicit the most relevant feedback from your guests. Trigger feedback surveys on specific items ordered, target your best customers using Wisely’s CRM filters, or capture valuable insights from your churn-risks. Send the right survey to the right guests at the right time with Wisely’s Feedback Automations.

CRM Importer with Custom Field Support

Whether Wisely is your first CRM or you’re moving from another system, importing data helps you create guest records and keep them up-to-date with details that are important to your brand. Simply upload a file, map your data or create new fields, and import. It’s that simple. And, with support for custom fields, you’re no longer restricted to Wisely’s reserved data fields.

Improved Dashboard Reservation Creation Flow

With a brand-new user interface and enhanced features, creating reservations from the Wisely Dashboard has never been easier:

  • Ability for reservation taker to overbook a particular time
  • Quickly search availability at nearby locations within your brand
  • Easily modify an existing reservation

Quick Hits

We’ve made some big improvements to Cover Flow to make it even more powerful, based on feedback from Wisely’s users:

  • Support for guest notes and tags on the ‘Create Party’ popout
  • Optional manager passcode for the ‘add inventory’ feature
  • Travel back in time to see your historical Cover Flow to better prepare for weekends and holidays

New ‘track’ event for Segment entry/exit in the Wisely CDP

Segment membership is dynamic - guests fall into or out of Segment as they meet (or fail to meet) your Segment criteria. By adding a track event to Segment membership, our CDP adds more power to Wisely’s core products and integrations.

New integrations

We’re happy to announce new integrations with Toast (table statuses), Brink, Fiserv, TSYS, Paytronix CRM, ChowNow, and GoTab.