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December 1, 2020

December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020

SMS Keyword opt-in

Drive SMS opt-ins via simple keywords. For example, instruct guests to “Text BBQ to 690-19.”

To get started, simply set your preferred list of opt-in keywords within Wisely and your guests can text the Wisely short code with any of those keywords to opt-in.

As a bonus, opting in directly to a keyword eliminates the need for a double opt-in, which removes friction and reduces funnel drop off

Order Management updates:

  • iPad push notifications for guest arrival
    • Triggered on the auto-text feature, e.g., guest texts “here”
    • Configure sounds, badges, etc. within the iPad notification settings
  • Orders sorting option (oldest to newest, newest to oldest)
  • Guest notification badge
    • Displays a red bell next to the guest's name when the guest has been notified that an order is ready
    • Also starts a clock showing minutes elapsed since notifying guest
  • Walk-up orders option
    • For manually created orders, this feature enables a new message in the web dash which can be configured with a unique walkup message