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December 2, 2021

December 2, 2021
December 2, 2021

Smart Properties

All-new Smart Properties available within Segments are powered by our data science and machine learning. These 10+ supercharged segmentation options put the power of Customer Lifetime Value data and predictive analytics in your hands.

Email Builder

Set up templates for automated emails with ease using our all-new email builder. Within the Dashboard, under templates, you’ll now find the option to build both automated SMS and Email templates. Use the drag-and-drop modules to create your template, or begin using our starter template which guides you through the optimal placement of copy and images.

Expanded Library of Webhooks

If you’re not already familiar, a webhook is simply an event that passes data to a destination. With this release, we’ve expanded our library of webhooks to include the option to take action after a guest completes a Wisely-powered survey.

Add a Gift to Reservations

The all-new Add a Gift feature is an easy way to coordinate something special for guests during their dining experience, like a surprise bottle of wine or dessert paid for ahead of time by a family member or friend.

Shift Notes

Shift Notes is a new feature that helps streamline communication between team members before, during, and after each service. Digital notes and reminders you create/schedule will pop-up at just the right time in the Host app.

Flexible Booking Policies

Empty tables held for reservations that may or may not show put even the best service plans at risk. That’s why we’ve created all-new flexible booking policies for reservations, including the option to charge a fee for no-shows or last-minute cancellations.