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Fall 2020: Nov 9, 2020

November 9, 2020
Host 2.1.5
Fall 2020: Nov 9, 2020

Cover Flow (Host 2.1.5)

Cover Flow

Seamlessly manage your reservation book and availability each shift directly within Wisely’s Host App. New controls and flexibility available within the Cover Flow view include:

  • View both reservation & waitlist parties: for a full picture of your guest traffic - in 15 min increments (with two hours in view at all times)
  • Manage your book on the go: add/edit/block slots right from your iPad. Avoid under/over booking, and always have an accurate view of how the restaurant was sat (e.g. reservation party arrived and sat early)
  • Book directly from the cover flow view (which also syncs with online availability), with details at-a-glance and guest name/phone entered in just a few taps (no manual entry of the reservation date/time, etc.)
  • Ditch printed reports of visit notes: flags next to each party indicate special requests/CRM details
  • Enable password protection so only managers can overbook blocked slots

Order Management: Ordered Items & Notes

We’ve added a 'Today's Order' tab in the Orders view

  • Item details: pulled in from the Online Ordering Provider to show all the items ordered, including mods
  • Order notes: specific notes or instructions for this particular order. Will not save past current order.
  • Guest notes: historical guest notes and tags from every past visit or order. Guest notes 'live' with a guest profile from order to order (or visit to visit)

SMS Opt-In Management

SMS Marketing is highly effective, but, managing the legality of opt-ins can be a big headache.

Wisely is introducing fully managed SMS opt-ins, as well as a full audit log of every opt-in/out event by source (reservation form, WiFi, email signup form, etc) and originating location.

SMS Opt-In language can now be included on any Wisely guest-facing properties (Waitlist/Reservation forms, guest Wifi, email club sign-up, and guest webview).

SMS Templates & Automations

SMS Templates & Automations

The ‘action’ step of Automations now include the option to send an SMS to opted-in guests. Any existing ‘trigger’ can be used to send an automated SMS, plus the addition of a new ‘Opted into SMS’ trigger - enabling the automated sending of a discount or other offer.

We’ve also released an SMS Template builder to create templates directly in Wisely’s Marketing Dashboard, including a character counter and the use of Emojis, for use in automated SMS campaigns.

Sparkfly Integration

It’s now easier than ever to include a unique offer in mass email campaigns as well as automated email and SMS messages through Wisely’s integration with Sparkfly.

The benefits of using Sparkfly x Wisely Include:

  • Unique offer codes provide an added layer of security for your business
  • Offers directly integrate with your POS—there’s no manual entry of a promo code by a server

Other improvements:

  • Automation Substitution tags
  • Multiple reservation types supported within Reserve with Google