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March 9, 2021

March 9, 2021
March 9, 2021

Order Arrival Webooks

Wisely strives to empower its users to leverage our existing tech to drive any custom solution they can dream of.

Our most recent endeavor is enabling custom actions powered by our ‘Guest Arrival’ webhook for off-prem orders - by simply providing us with your desired endpoint, you can now trigger any custom event based on that webhook firing (guest texts ‘here’ or is manually marked as arrived via the Orders tab in the iPad).

Some use cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Printing a chit
  • Sending an alert to your KDS
  • Playing a sound or turning on a light (or any IoT device)

Dynamic Expiration Substitution Tags

Offers are more effective when there is a deadline attached - a limited time to redeem an offer drives a sense of urgency which compels the guest toward the desired action (redemption).

Wisely’s Automations system allows for the distribution of offers based on certain trigger events, meaning offer emails and SMS are distributed on a rolling, ongoing basis. Expiration dates for those offers should be dynamically populated in relation to the send date.

Wisely now offers a dynamic expiration date substitution tag within our Automations system.

Simply insert the tag with the desired parameters (e.g. ‘2 weeks from send date’) in the email template and the expiration will dynamically populate when the email is sent to the guest.

Email template