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May 25, 2021

May 25, 2021
May 25, 2021

The First-Ever Customer Data Platform (CDP) for Restaurants is Here

Restaurant brands must own and control all of their customer data to build a 1:1 relationship with guests. Fragmented tech—from POS systems to loyalty providers—has made this impossible, until today.

Wisely’s all-new CDP enables restaurant brands to integrate historically siloed guest data—and extend that data into every part of the business.

We invite you to explore more about Wisely’s CDP here on our website.

Wisely CDP

Marketing Automation: Canvas Updates, If/Then Logic, CRM Filters

Canvas Updates

Whether you’re creating an Automation from scratch or starting with a Recommended Automation, you’ll notice some updates and overall enhanced usability.

  • Canvas Cards = Clarity: triggers, delays, actions, filters, etc. are all now clearly displayed as you build and edit your Automation directly within the canvas itself
  • Pre-Entry Filters: conditions a guest is filtered by before they will (or will not) receive an automated email
  • Built-In Tips: some tooltips have been added as pop-ups within the Automation-building experience

Canvas updates

If/Then Logic

If you’re ready to launch even more sophisticated Automations, if/then logic trees (aka branching logic) are a vital tool.

Within the ‘Add Action’ step of building an Automation, there’s now the option to apply a yes/no step to your Automation tied to either event filters or CRM filters.

If/Then logic

CRM Filters

You’re likely already aware that when building a Segment in Wisely, there are 50+ combinable filters you can use. Now, those filters are also accessible as you build Automations!

CRM filters

Segments Usability Updates

Speaking of Segments, we’ve added some enhancements to make creating Segments even easier.

  • Segment Search: You now have the ability to Search the 50+ combinable filters
  • Segment Definitions: We’ve updated how you can view the criteria used to create a Segment (viewable in your list of Segments as well as when you click to view the Segment drilldown)
  • Quick Access to View/Edit/Delete: While in the list view of your various Segments, you can quickly access a dropdown menu to view/export/delete the Segment itself

Segments Usability Updates

Mass SMS

Building loyalty happens when you reach your guests on the right channel, at just the right time—with messaging that feels like it came from a friend. That’s why we’re seeing growing usage of Wisely’s Automated SMS (which launched in Fall 2020) and why we’ve unlocked the ability to share SMS campaigns with guests en masse as well.

Here’s how to get started sending timely Mass SMS messages that will drive sales:

  • Build a segment within Wisely for your mass SMS campaign
  • Navigate to Marketing > Campaigns > Create New SMS Campaign
  • Select an existing SMS template (e.g. from another Automation effort) or build a new one
  • Schedule the campaign to send immediately or later

Mass SMS

We’ve also added the ability to assign an opt-in keyword to a home location to provide better targeting with the right message to the right guests.

Select a Home Location

Opt-in Functionality Added to Wisely Surveys

With the rising importance of collecting (and owning) all your first-party data — winning brands are providing guests the option to opt-in to brand communication at every interaction point in their customer journey.

With Wisely, you can now add an email or SMS marketing opt-in checkbox on Wisely-powered feedback forms.

Opt-in Functionality Added to Wisely Surveys

Wisely Host Enhancements: Dynamic Bucketing & Host vs Order Messaging

Dynamic Bucketing

A huge part of providing an accurate wait quote to a guest is managing guest expectations. That’s why we’ve introduced Dynamic Bucketing to improve the guest experience.

For example, if the algorithm generated a 29 minute quote, historically the Host app would provide a quote range of 20-30 minutes - while technically accurate, the guest begins anticipating their table around the 20 minute mark.

With Dynamic Bucketing, the Host app will provide a quote range bracketed around the wait quote: a 29 minute quote now becomes a range of 25-35 minutes.

Host vs Order Messaging

Increasingly, Wisely’s clients are using the Host app to manage both the on-premise guest flow as well as off-premise order management. While having all guest communication flow into a single tab of the app improves efficiency, we increasingly heard that having a visual indication of the message type ensures every message is being read by the right person.

Host vs Order Messaging