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Summer 2020: Aug 9, 2020

August 9, 2020
Host 2.1.4
Summer 2020: Aug 9, 2020

Order Management (Host 2.1.4)

The Wisely Host App now allows you to manage the flow of both dine-in guests and online orderers.

Wisely’s new “Orders” tab helps your host/manager streamline communication with guests about their online order status and pick-up​.

How does it work?

  • Integrated List of Orders: When a guest submits an online order via an integrated Online Ordering Provider, it flows automatically to the Wisely Host App "Orders" tab (requires integration to be enabled & setup)
  • Two-way, Automated Texting: Guests receive a customizable "Order Created" text—confirming their order has been received and any specific pick-up/hand-off instructions
  • Notify Guests & Coordinate Hand-Off: Setup automated order ready alerts based on promise time, or simply tap "Notify" to send a custom text to the guest

Self-Serve Reservation/Waitlist Forms

Wisely’s new ‘Forms’ editor puts you in the driver’s seat to create and edit the Waitlist and Reservation booking forms your guests see/use—all within the Wisely Web Dashboard

How does it work?

  • Dashboard: Login to the Wisely Web Dashboard and navigate to Settings & Configuration under Host
  • Best Use Case in the wake of COVID-19: Customize guest communication and share updates (e.g. change to service model) immediately vs. routing requests through Wisely Support

Other improvements:

  • Google Tag Manager integration - integrate you own GTM container onto all Wisely guest-facing properties (reservation/waitlist forms, etc)