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Winter 2020: February 12, 2020

February 12, 2020
Host App v2.1.0
Winter 2020: February 12, 2020


New Segments Builder with more data sources available

  • The Audiences builder has been completely rebuilt to:
    • Allow for fast searching/segmenting across an infinite number of guests
    • Allow us to iteratively add in new data sources that can be used for future segmenting
  • Orders sorting option (oldest to newest, newest to oldest)
  • Users can now segment guests on new data points:
    • Lifetime Frequency (the average number of days between a guests' visits)
    • Tickets (items ordered, like Guacamole, wine drinkers, etc)

Reservation Availability - Scheduled Views

Restaurants now have full control of their reservation availability (the number of reservations and party sizes that they can accept).

Reservation Availability has multiple views to suit how restaurants manage bookings:

  • No Assignments: the number of reservations and party sizes that the restaurant can accept, per 15 min increment of the restaurants' open hours
  • Auto-Assignments: the number of reservations and party sizes that the restaurant can accept, per specific table numbers

Floorplan Builder

Restaurants can now view, edit, and publish their floorplan from Wisely's web dashboard into the Host app.

This includes:

  • Create unlimited Rooms within your restaurant
  • Drag-n-drop editor for tables
  • Table meta-data, including number, min/max capacity, and attributes (e.g., booth)
  • Creating/managing table combinations
  • Bulk assigning tables to sections

Host App v2.1.0

  • Section-Based Quoting
    • Sections can now have their own custom quoting algorithm where the wait at each section of the restaurant can be quoted differently
  • Suggested Seating
    • Wisely can now suggest the best sections (and even tables) to seat walk-in parties at, removing the Host from having to decide.
  • Server Section Transitions
    • Configure which sections are assigned to which servers, based on the number of servers working.
    • When a server is "cut", the Host app automatically transitions to the section plan with one less server, without having to reassign tables or reassign servers
  • Cover Counts by Shift
  • Guest Notes