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Winter 2021: Feb 17, 2021

February 17, 2021
Winter 2021: Feb 17, 2021

Call In Order Management

Call in orders make up as much as 30% of off-prem order volume for some restaurants. Typically, phone orders are entered into the POS with no way to engage with guests about their order, limited insights about that customer saved/matched to their CRM profile, and no seamless way to follow-up about their experience.

Wisely developed the all-new Call In Order Management feature, hand-in-hand with some of our restaurant partners, that juggle a high volume of call in orders.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter take-out orders you receive via phone into your POS
  • Capture the guest’s cell phone number with their order
  • Order details are sent to the kitchen, as usual, and also automatically trigger Wisely’s two-way text functionality and a record for the guest is created in the Wisely CRM
  • Within the “Orders” tab, view the text alerts triggered when the order was placed
  • Tap “Notify” to inform the guest once their order is ready
  • It’s also possible to setup a triggered survey to deploy to the guest to solicit feedback about their experience

Grid View

Grid View

Maximizing every minute and every table of every shift is not unlike a game of tetris. Enter Wisely’s Grid View — a new way to visualize and manage your parties and table assignments to ensure everything fits just right.

With Grid View, planning and optimizing how you seat your restaurant, table-by-table, hour-by-hour, is now easier than ever.

Here’s how it works:

  • An easy-to-navigate birds-eye view of assigned parties and already seated parties, organized by time and table
  • Quick table re-assign via drag-and-drop
  • Seat guests in two taps directly from Grid View
  • Meal stages can be updated manually or automatically with POS integration

Recommended Automations

Recommended Automations

Get set up with new automated campaigns, triggered by guest behaviors, faster than ever before. Wisely’s Recommended Automations offer restaurants best practices from Wisely’s marketing experts and insight into what’s working to drive results across the industry

Here’s what you'll find:

  • Pre-built automations designed to meet specific goals
  • Just select the Recommended Automation
  • Add the creative for the campaign (meaning, link your Dynamic Template)
  • Test, Activate, and you’re LIVE!

Form Search: Waitlist & Reservations

Book a Reservation

Multi-unit operators shouldn’t need to build their own search experience. Wisely’s all-new Form Search functionality can be added to any form powered by Wisely, matches your brand, and is mobile responsive. Increase discovery, waitlist traffic, and bookings by improving the ability for guests to search for one of your restaurant locations by:

  • zip code, city, state
  • store name
  • nearby address, and more

This feature allows you to streamline waitlist and reservation flows for guests — they simply land on your form, search, and join the waitlist or book a reservation.

Custom Special Occasions / Special Requests

Guests regularly use the free form field “special requests” (or, guest notes) to make requests that aren’t always possible to execute at the store level (but often guests begin their experience with the expectation that the notes entered will be fulfilled). For example, "We'd like a patio table!"

To help minimize overall friction and maximize conversion of the web reservation funnel Wisely’s added the ability to customize a sub-selection of pre-set notes under two different header types:

  • Special Occasions (single select, optional free-from ‘other’ field)
  • JustSpecial Requests (multi-select)

New WiFi Integrations

WiFi Integration

In-store email collection is an essential part of email list growth and guest visit tracking for Wisely’s Marketing Automation users - which is why we’ve built new integrations with three additional WiFi hardware providers: Ubiquiti, Aerohive, and Aruba.