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Meet the waitlist built to grow sales

Grow same-store sales 2-3% with advanced algorithms, guest CRM, and the easiest to use system on the market

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Optimize performance at the door.
‍Run at the busiest restaurants in the world.
Reduce abandonment

Wisely's SmartQuote is a best-in-class algorithm that learns which quoting strategy is best for your business, drives down inaccurate quotes, and boosts waitlist retention.

Seat more guests

Wisely intelligently maps the dining room as service unfolds to maximize seating efficiency. With smart gamification, hosts learn how to maximize profit.

Grow profitability

With math left to the machine, your team can focus on hospitality. Wisely's built-in CRM helps your team anticipate guests' needs and see them leave with a smile on their face.

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Wisely SmartQuote: built by industry vets, refined by PhDs

By crunching 1000s of data points during service, Wisely gets more guests seated and lets your hosts do what they do best - delight your guests.

No guest left behind

Experience has never been more important. Guest profiles and preferences build and sync every interaction, every visit, across the entire brand.

The fewest taps. Guaranteed.

With Wisely, hosts spend more time with guests, not a tablet. We clocked the speed of every action on every product in the industry to guarantee it.

Power to the POS 

Unlock automated table statuses, item-level guest preferences, and more by integrating your Host Stand and POS.

Full feature review

Post visit feedback

Design and distribute a customized survey after guests have dined. Review sentiment via our web portal and daily digest.

List filtering/search

Save time and optimize seating using quick filters on party size, status, or source. Search any party by name or notes.

Server sections/rotation

Utilize templates and shift planning to save time. Label sections and choose custom colors that stand out.

Multi-iPad sync

Instantaneous syncing ensures your team is all on the same page, regardless of how many iPads you run.

POS integration

Integrate your POS to unlock automated table statuses and item-level preferences of your guests.

Custom table statuses

Give tasting menu or special reso guests their own status and color. Let your table map guide your table touches.

Floor plan/room config

Adjust your floor plans on the fly with unlimited rooms and configurations. Live Music Night, no problem.

Offline mode

No WiFi, no problem. Wisely can run seamlessly from a single iPad, and automatically sync once you're back online.

Digital chits

Full support for printed chits, or, use our innovative digital chit and staging system.

Custom section preferences

Booth, window, bullpen. Whatever your layout, create as many section preference as you'd like.

Buzzer integration

Prefer buzzers? No problem. We integrate with the industry's leading providers.

Order ahead

Lets guests build their order while waiting. More convenience, faster turns. Win, win.

Smart quote algorithm

Let hosts focus on guests, not math. Wisely uses your data to make your quote times more accurate and your seating more efficient.

Grow profit, start now

The first integrated Operations and Marketing system for restaurants